Company Overview

Family Business Office Inc. (FBO) is a comprehensive planning firm located in Colleyville, Texas, five miles from DFW Airport. We specialize in dealing with the challenges and opportunities faced by family-owned businesses.

We maintain an unbiased perspective by conducting our practice on a fee-basis, while remaining completely independent of any outside company or other influence. We are fully licensed or registered for all of the planning and investing activities which we perform.

FBO was founded in 1991 to apply the “family office” concept to smaller closely-held businesses. We draw upon our extensive experience in large and small businesses to address issues in the family-owned business environment — developing and integrating business and personal planning to optimize financial results for the owners.

Why choose us?

We handle a multitude of issues for a number of client companies and individuals.

We employ three individuals in our office and have close links with a large number of other professional specialists.

We are most often called upon to act as:

  • A systems changer and implementer. FBO helps it’s clients grow their business and increase profitability by bringing in outside specialists who add value. As the first point of contact, we look at the big picture and isolate and prioritize the areas in which help is needed.
  • A “quarterback”, integrating the effectiveness of other advisors. Our clients often prefer to have one primary relationship and look to us to work with their advisors as a team, keeping the individual contributions effective and complimentary.
  • A personal advisor. Business owners prefer to focus on their business and rely on a skilled professional to handle personal planning, investment and insurance programs and see to their integration with business and long-term family planning.
  • A sounding board for Ideas and a source of Information. We can help the owner identify objectives, evaluate the company’s organization and it’s people, and research and bring back information and options on virtually any topic. We’re knowledgeable listeners.

We consider family-owned businesses to be the “backbone” of America and are proud to serve them.

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