Fiduciary Standards

We provide you with unbiased advice and recommendations, based only on what is in your best interest.

As an Independent Registered Investment Advisor, we file annually with the Texas State Securities Commission and are obligated to disclose conflicts of interest to any potential client. We act as a fiduciary, with a legal obligation to represent our clients’ interests above our own.

As a fee-based advisor, we earn no commissions from the investments we recommend. Experienced investors know that advisors making commission sales are paid for transactions, rather than for helping the client achieve his/her goals. For example, brokers are often guilty of selling stocks from their firms’ inventories without disclosing the conflict and without regard for the client’s needs.

We are—in other words—held to a higher set of standards, in which there is no conflict of interest between what is best for your financial future and the recommendations we offer. You can be absolutely sure that we will always act with integrity on your behalf to achieve your goals.

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