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The “Transformation Watch” (TW) newsletter focuses on the apparent disintegration of the current global financial system.  Each month, TW summarizes 4 to 6 important ongoing economic, market and political developments which have the potential to severely disrupt your investments, financial plans and even your way of life.

TW is delivered by email on the first Monday of each month and like “But What If I’m Right?” is oriented to helping you understand what’s really going on, and what to do about it.  We pay little attention to what government says through mainstream media. Instead we prefer to focus on what we believe to be true financial conditions, as assessed by independent observers, and what government and knowledgeable insiders are actually doing.

We process information from a wide range of sources, including newsletters, books and website bloggers, mainstream media and even such “out-of-the-box” sources as remote viewers and futures forecasters.

TW content is distilled, and includes hyperlinks to material sources to help you verify information and expand your knowledge in areas of particular concern to you.  It also makes reference to specific information contained in “But What If I’m Right?” This newsletter will help keep you current and prepared!

You can view a sample newsletter here.

Special Offer.  To provide you with additional backup for developments covered in your TW issues, we will ship you at no additional cost a copy of “But What If I’m Right”—our hyperlinked, 240-page comprehensive source book. Just need a shipping address.

You can preview the book on our website or at Amazon.  It’s also available on Kindle.


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PLEASE NOTE: For a number of reasons, we cannot and DO NOT guarantee that any of the material contained in “But What If I’m Right?” or “Transformation Watch” will be accurate at all times.


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