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–  Effective September, 2016

Family Business Office, Inc. (“FBO”) is a Texas S-Corporation, incorporated in 1991 by Wayne and Diane Peterson. FBO, Wayne and Dezann Korbuly are registered investment advisers with the state of Texas. Wayne has been allocating assets and managing portfolios for over 25 years. FBO is highly tuned to current market conditions and prospects, and sensitive to allocation differences appropriate for individual situations.

FBO manages investment accounts of all sizes and also provides financial planning and investing advice. We publish a free weekly blog, a monthly newsletter (“Transformation Watch”) and Wayne published a book (“But What If I’m Right?”) in 2015, now updated for 2016. The book is sold at Amazon and through our website. A copy of the 240-page book is shipped at no cost with each 12-month subscription to the newsletter.

FBO operates on a “fee only” basis; we receive no commissions for our investment and/or planning work. Although most of our services are performed under asset management contracts, we are pleased to provide two services for individuals who prefer to manage their own assets and are simply looking for advice.

Portfolio consultation (PC), offers a constructive review of individual portfolio suitability, conducted in person (in the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex), otherwise by telephone or on Skype. Our evaluation includes analysis of the information provided by Client, specific recommendations, answering of any questions and an (optional) short, written summary of our findings. Our fee for the evaluation, payable up front, is calculated at $200/hour, with a $100 minimum.

Investment signals (IS) identify the specific market trades we make, as soon as practicable after we execute them for asset management clients. The fee for this advice is $45/quarter, payable in advance.

If you are interested in FBO’s assistance in either of the above categories, please send us an email at and we will provide additional information.

Note: Texas Securities laws (and common sense) allow us to provide general advice to the public, but require a level of disclosure between us and any individual to whom we provide specific investing advice. An individual electing to work with FBO under either of the above service categories will receive a disclosure document prior to our being able to provide the service.


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