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But What If I’m Right?


“But What If I’m Right?: Surviving Transformation of the Global Financial System” is a comprehensive source book for FINANCIAL SURVIVAL – packed with SPECIFIC practical actions that can be taken NOW by individuals to rearrange and protect assets held in banks, brokerages, retirement plans and elsewhere – from potentially significant financial damage.

Global economic and market turbulence is visibly accelerating, as the “financial hurricane” that struck US and global economies in 2008 returns.  With debt and leverage substantially higher than it was 8 years ago, we are now facing collapse of the current monetary system and a transformation of society.  “BWIIR” also makes clear why governments and central banks are NOT going to intervene to “save” us!

BWIIR is more than just a book; it is extensively hyperlinked to enable readers to verify information and/or simply deepen their knowledge in a particular subject area.  This feature has also allowed us to condense the material, in consideration of your valuable time. Another important component is the book’s focus on where we are going, rather than how we got here.

For an idea of the depth of coverage, preview the book on our website or at Amazon.  The book contains over 100,000 words on 240 pages.  It’s also available on Kindle.

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Wayne Peterson, March 2016

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