Are you prepared to deal with adverse developments that may impact your financial security?

We don’t claim to know how the economy will change, if in fact it changes at all.  No one does.  There are however too many signs to ignore and too many widely-respected financial figures who are putting their reputations on the line, predicting accelerating deterioration of the US economy.

So here’s the question: How confident are you in the survivability of your financial assets against the following threats?

  • Bank failures and associated “bail-ins” of depositor savings (and checking).
  • Pension fund failure.
  • Government interference in—or outright asset appropriation of—IRA’s and 401k’s.
  • Insolvency of brokerage firms; inability to access paper investments.
  • Insurance company insolvency, with a loss of policy cash values.
  • Substantial (30% or more) drop in purchasing power of the US dollar.
  • Serious drops in money market fund values.
  • Wildly fluctuating stock prices.
  • Severe inflation or deflation.
  • Collapsing real estate prices, possibly aggravated by increased property taxes.
  • Attempted confiscation of precious metals.
  • Civil unrest and increasing vandalism/theft by desperate people attempting to survive.
  • A breakdown in transportation and empty grocery shelves.
  • Continuing government rights and privacy infringement.
  • New restrictions on, or actual shutdown of, the internet.
  • Elimination of cash in the US.
  • Confiscation of assets held in bank boxes and other private vaults.
  • Imposition of martial law.
  • Loss of the power grid for more than a week or two.

Any and all of these developments are possible.  We believe that some of them WILL happen.

If physical survival is your main concern, buy Holly Deyo’s book, “Dare to Prepare” here.

If you are nervous about protecting your financial assets across the above scenarios, you need to buy our book: “But What If I’m Right?” here.  The book is heavily hyperlinked to other sources and additional information, allowing you to dig deeper into how vulnerable you may be and learn what SPECIFICALLY you can do to protect yourself.

If the book is not enough, we need to talk.

We run a very active business, but in the interest of helping others, we offer a limited number of independent portfolio evaluations each year.  The evaluation includes analysis of the information you provide, a personal discussion of up to two hours and an optional short, written summary of my recommendations.  We can meet in person in the Dallas-Ft Worth Metroplex or in Austin or by phone or Skype if you are located elsewhere. The fee for the evaluation is reasonable and affordable.

In the process of helping you analyze and restructure your portfolio, I will send you in advance of our discussion a copy of the allocation matrix we use with our clients.

If you have an interest in a meeting, please contact me here and I will respond promptly to explain the details of the portfolio analysis.

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