Family Business Office is an experienced, independent, fee-based source of unbiased investment advice and solutions.

We structure and manage portfolios to meet long-term financial objectives, agreed upon early in each client relationship and documented as a baseline for investing decisions.

We apply investment allocation models to client objectives and tolerance for volatility, and customize them to suit individual client circumstances.

Buy-and-hold investment approaches have been widely discredited and are generally ineffective in coping with today’s historic global financial transformation. We digest a wide range of investment data and projections regarding current/future circumstances, and employ trading techniques to implement our conclusions.

We encourage clients to hold assets in physical form, while supporting brokered accounts using ETFs, mutual funds and individual stocks.

Our current detailed quarterly market outlook is available upon request.

Since all investment strategies contain various elements of risk, we cannot and do not guarantee that the strategies outlined above will perform as intended. Clients and prospective clients are advised to carefully consider risk factors—including currency risk, political risk, systemic risk and company-specific risk—prior to investing.

Family Business Office is a Texas-Registered Investment Advisor. We work on a fee basis only.

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