“Comprehensive” encompasses all of the financial areas and issues affecting your business and your life, including your extended family.

We identify needed planning changes and implement them one at a time – following an agreed-to order (priority). The resulting master plan is succinct: a 6 page living document, the Family Business Plan, integrates and consolidates key business and personal planning objectives (whether “in place”, scheduled for action or needing consideration). We will also hold an annual meeting with your key advisors to monitor and refine your plan so that it remains effective.

Continuation planning is the process that allows the successful business owner to succeed him/herself and ensures transfer of the business to new management and ownership.

Business planning begins with strategic analysis and results in a business plan, which can improve business productivity and reliability, while enhancing communications with lenders, customers, vendors, key employees and other outside advisors. It also forms the basis for a company operating plan and budget.

Personal planning deals with the long term viability of the family itself. Disciplines include asset management, retirement planning, education planning, estate planning, tax planning and life/legacy planning. We employ a sophisticated, interactive online financial planning program to portray the results, so the impact of financial changes can be rapidly assessed.

Family Business Office can work closely with your current advisors (or bring in our professional affiliates) to direct and oversee your overall financial well being. In time, we can replace you as the quarterback, but not the general manager, of your financial affairs. Our job is to make sure that each player (advisor, agent, CPA, attorney), whose tasks and knowledge of your financial picture may be somewhat fragmented, works towards the same goal, as defined by you. We’ll get you out of the middle and save your valuable time.

We are a dedicated source of information for you, on call to answer questions and research issues that are of concern to you.

All planning work is performed on a fee basis, negotiated up front.

Family-owned businesses are our specialty and our passion. Let us help you get more out of your business for yourself and your family!