Business financing. We have access to sources of capital for small businesses, under the right conditions. Sources include banks, angel investors, venture capital, and crowdfunding.

Legal matters/issues. We are not licensed to do legal work, but can draw from a number of expert attorneys or work with your current legal advisors.

Marketing. For creative ideas and marketing recommendations, we have access to both in -house and outside affiliated expertise.

Business and office structure. We will review your existing business form and operation and work with your legal and tax advisors to align it with the family/financial mission.  If appropriate, we can bring in an operational consultant to make and implement specific operational changes, including training and incentive programs.

Human Resources. We network with a number of professionals who specialize in working with smaller businesses.  They can economically fill needs for compliance with the law, employee standards/handbooks, job descriptions and the like.

Office technology. Family Business Office is a big believer in – and user of – modern technology and can provide general guidance and ideas.  We have access to experts who can implement specific solutions such as computer networking and websites.

Start-up business assistance. We can apply our expertise to the needs of entrepreneurs who are launching a business.  As small business professionals, we actively foster/mentor start up companies by providing information, access to sources of capital, business start-up experience, legal compliance etc…to help them succeed.

Accounting and tax liaison. Our staff can work with your CPA or accountant to exchange information and to ensure all parties work towards your desired financial goals.