Against the sobering backdrop of daily life, Bitcoin (BTC) is lighting up the sky. After plunging 40% in September in reaction to Chinese market restrictions, BTC rebounded sharply, doubling over the past month to a new record high above $5800. … Continue Reading

Sure looks like it. Instead of following mainstream media and wailing about the awfulness of guns, etc., several articles are asking the key question: “Cui Bono?” (Who benefits?) Bill Still cites details in this video report that seem to paint … Continue Reading

The Graham-Cassidy attempt to overturn Obamacare appears on its way to defeat this week thanks to two GOP Senators: John McCain, a bought-and-paid-for globalist dedicated to doing whatever he can to keep America in the swamp; and Rand Paul, a … Continue Reading

Obamacare may be on its way to the dustbin of history. Senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy, working with Rick Santorum, have cobbled together a medical proposal aimed at replacing the Affordable Care Act. Their concept is built around block … Continue Reading

Nothing, says Jim Rickards. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been working diligently to accommodate the Chinese renmimbi in its special drawing rights currency basket: the new currency allocation is now 42% dollars, 31% euros, 11% renmimbi, 8% yen and … Continue Reading

Last week’s annual gathering of central bankers and other big shots at Jackson Hole WY produced further declarations that the U.S. banking system is strong and that current policies need to be left in place. The latter message was intended … Continue Reading

Senior correspondent John Davidson of The Federalist best summed up the impact of toppling statues: “This is not about the Confederacy. This is not about the Civil War. This is about political power. It’s about a small group of people … Continue Reading

There’s little reason to fear events transpiring over North Korea. Donald Trump is a skilled and constant negotiator and even wrote a book on the subject (“The Art of the Deal”). We are watching him in action and it appears … Continue Reading

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are defying naysayers who, mostly out of ignorance, term them as bubble and scam investments. Btc just “forked” into two currencies and rose to another record value above $3000. Cryptos are here to stay! They are … Continue Reading

The U.S. Senate just passed a bill requiring citizens to report all cash and other assets not held in banks. If this bill passes the House and earns Trump’s signature, the federal government would have the power to forcibly seize … Continue Reading

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