There’s little reason to fear events transpiring over North Korea. Donald Trump is a skilled and constant negotiator and even wrote a book on the subject (“The Art of the Deal”). We are watching him in action and it appears … Continue Reading

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are defying naysayers who, mostly out of ignorance, term them as bubble and scam investments. Btc just “forked” into two currencies and rose to another record value above $3000. Cryptos are here to stay! They are … Continue Reading

The U.S. Senate just passed a bill requiring citizens to report all cash and other assets not held in banks. If this bill passes the House and earns Trump’s signature, the federal government would have the power to forcibly seize … Continue Reading

Last week, bitcoin holders began anticipating a change Btc may experience around August 1. It might “fork,” meaning split into two or more coins to reflect the disparate wishes of bitcoin developers, miners and others. It would be doing this … Continue Reading

Last week, a leader finally stood up for our country! Donald Trump not only wore an American flag lapel pin (declining the G20 pin all other attendees wore to the meeting in Hamburg), he refused to agree to the globalist … Continue Reading

We’ve clearly entered a new age, one in which automation is already having a major impact on jobs. But this transformation of the nation’s workforce is just getting started. Automation is now entering “non-tradeable” labor sectors including taxis, long-haul trucking, … Continue Reading

Last week’s tragic shooting of Senator Scalise marked an acceleration in the war sponsored by globalists, their bought-and-paid for politicians from both parties, other deep state players including the Fed and mainstream media, plus uninformed foot soldiers funded directly by … Continue Reading

We’re at an historic point in history. Cryptocurrencies appear to be (early) in the process of replacing sovereign currencies around the world. Think about it: the dollar has been widely forecast to fall in purchasing power. Against what? The renmimbi, … Continue Reading

President Trump refused to follow-the-leader at his first G-7 summit, declining to commit to keeping the U.S. in the Paris Agreement on climate change—stating that his attendance was simply to gather information, with a decision to be announced later. He … Continue Reading

Trump continues to do an outstanding job of following through on his campaign promises, making headway where he can against unprecedented “deep state” resistance. The establishment is in a state of panic because the steps he’s taking are threatening to … Continue Reading

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