Accurate accounting and bookkeeping services are vital to the successful management of your small business because they quantify the performance and productivity of your operations. It is vital that these functions be performed by professionals who understand the nuances of family -owned businesses.

Our staff accountant and tax specialist has years of experience in this area with small businesses, individuals, estates and trusts. We provide comprehensive services including:

  • financial statements
  • bookkeeping
  • payroll tax preparation and administration
  • federal and state tax reports

Tax services. Although we always consider the tax consequences of planning and investment actions, your tax advisor or CPA prepares your returns. At the beginning of each fourth calendar quarter, we routinely examine the overall tax picture to decide if investment or other planning decisions are warranted.

If you don’t currently work with a CPA or tax advisor, we can provide expertise in the preparation of income, franchise, sales and state tax returns for your company and family.

Family-owned businesses are our specialty and our passion. Let us help you get more out of your business for yourself and your family!